Transporting over 1,000 students in the school district each day!

New Bus Changes and Requests

Please complete the Transportation Request Form in order to make a new transportation request.

Filling in your data on the aforementioned linked form is the quickest way for the district to address your needs.

* If you need to make a change to transportation because of a recent household move or relocation, please contact the district central office at 207-935-2600.

Note there will be a 5-work day wait period from your date of request before the transportation request will go into effect.

It's very important to understand that this window of time is necessary to allow IT to implement the change in our logistical software and to provide time for all the necessary impacted parties (transportation manager, bus drivers, teachers, principals, secretaries, administrative assistants and dismissal bus aides) responsible for your riders safety to prepare for a successful implementation.

District Routes & Approximate Times

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Please note that there are many factors that impact the published verses the actual arrival times detailed on this spreadsheet. Once your student(s) - over a week or two - falls into a rhythm, the set time becomes very predictable.

Late Bus

Click here for the late bus calendar.

The school district provides 2 buses for late bus. These buses load then depart Molly Ockett School at 4:55 PM and travel to Fryeburg Academy. Departure time from FA is approximately 5:00 PM.

The route:

  1. Route 5 - stops are New Suncook School / Hobbs Memorial Library / (West Lovell Rd/Rt 5, if requested) / Center Lovell Market / A.J's

  2. Route 113 - stops are Grant's / Brownfield Denmark Elementary School / Jim Bob's

The late bus runs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday (Not on early-release Wednesday's)

There is, however, an exception during holidays (which includes 3-day weekends):

  • A Monday holiday – There’s no late bus the Friday before a long weekend; and

  • There's no late bus a day prior to the start of a vacation. For example, Thanksgiving - on this holiday, there's no school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Since there's no school on Wednesday, there's no late bus on Tuesday. Therefore, during Thanksgiving week, Monday is the only late bus run. This rule is applied to all holidays and vacations.

Fryeburg Academy, sometimes, is not on the same academic schedule as MSAD #72. When FA is closed, such as during their winter break holiday - their vacation starts one week prior to the school district - no late bus services are provided.


Currently under construction.

Transportation Guidance, Rules & Policy Created for the Safety of Our Riders:

Please contact Tom Sheehan, Transportation Manager if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

207.935.2600 ext. 1405