School Counselors

Mission Statement of School Counseling Department: The mission of the counseling department is to promote and enhance the learning process. As professional school counselors, we facilitate student's growth in the following three areas: academic, career and personal/social development according to the national standards put forth by the American School Counselors Association (ASCA).

Contact Information:

Debra Delmonico - Molly Ockett School (grades 6-8)

Eileen Hall - New Suncook School (grades K-4)

Brandi Spofford - Molly Ockett School (grades K-5)

Teresa Prince - Brownfield - Denmark School (grades K-4)

Philosophy Statement: The MSAD 72 School District adheres to the philosophy that the school counseling program is an essential and integral part of the overall education process. It is our belief that the school counseling program should provide a warm and safe environment that assists in building respect, worth and dignity for all individuals.

How students can benefit from their school counselor:

  • Children learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationship with others.

  • Children who understand their feelings are better able to control their behavior.

  • We know that stress can affect focus and learning, but its impact can be reduced with proven self-regulation strategies.

  • Schools, parents, and communities that communicate and collaborate provide the most effective support to children.

  • Attitudes formed during a child's early school years shape future attitudes towards learning, self, and society.