Miscellaneous Information

Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

Section I: Instruction

ICA:  School Calendar

IE:  Organization of Instruction, Building Organization & Grade Placement

IGA:  Curriculum Development and Adoption

IHA:  Basic Instructional Program

IHBA:  Individualized Education Programs

IHBAA:  Referral and Use of General Education Interventions

IHBAA-R:  Referral/Use of General Education Interventions - Administrative Procedures

IHBAC:  Child Find

IHBAE:  Parent Involvement - Education of Students w/ Disabilities

IHBAG:  Programming in the Least Restrictive Environment for Students w/ Disabilities

IHBAK:  Life-Sustaining Emergency Care

IHBB:  Gifted & Talented Education

IHBEA:  Program for Limited English Proficient Students

IHBG:  Home Instruction Program

IHBGA:  Home Schooling Participation in School Programs

IHBGA-R:  Administration Regulations for Homeschooler Participation in School Programs

IHCDA:  Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

IJJ:  Instructional and Library-Media Materials Selection

IJJ-E:  Challenge of Instructional Materials Form

IJND:  MSAD#72 WebSite

IJNDB:  Student Computer Internet Use and Safety

IJNDB-R:  Student Computer & Internet Use Rules

IJNDB-E1:  MLTI Device Take Home Agreement

IJNDB-E2:  Personal Device Agreement

IJOA:  Field Trips and Other StudentTravel

IJOC:  School Volunteers

IJOC-R: Administrative Procedures for School Volunteers

IJOC-R1: School Volunteer Regulations

IJOC-E1:  Volunteer Application Form

IJOC-E2:  Volunteer Agreement Form

IK:  Student Achievement/Evaluation of Student Proficiency

IKAB:  Grading System-Reporting Student Proficiency

IKB:  Homework

IKE:  Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students

IL:  Evaluation of Instructional Program

ILA:  Tests/Assessment

ILD:  Educational Research

IMB:  Teaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues

IMBB:  Exemptions from Required Instruction

IMBB-R:  Procedures Governing Exemption from Required Instruction

IMDC:  The Celebration of Holidays

IMDB:  Flag Display

IMG:  Animals In Schools

IMG-E1:  Animal Approval Form

IMG-E2:  Parent Notification:  Animals in the School

IMGA:  Service Animals in Schools

Section J: Students

JEA:  Compulsory Attendance

JEAA:  Student Attendance/Absences and Tardiness

JFABB:  Admission of Exchange Students

JFABD:  Admission of Homeless Students

JFABD-E:  Homeless Notice

JFB:  Out of District Placement

JFC:  Dropout Prevention/Student Withdrawal from School

JFCK:  Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices

JFCK-R: Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices Administrative Procedures

JGA:  Grade Placement of Students

JHB:  Truancy

JHCB:  Release Time for Religious Instruction

JI:  Student Rights and Responsibilities

JIC:  Student Code of Conduct

JICA:  Student Dress

JICH:  Substance Abuse

JICH-R:  Substance Abuse Procedures

JICIA:  Weapons, Violence and School Safety

JICK:   Bullying

JICK-R:  Bullying Administrative Procedure

JICK-E1:  Bullying Report Form

JICK-E2:  Bullying Investigation and Response Form

JICK-E3:  Bullying Remediation Form

JICK-E4:  Resolution Process Chart

JIH:  Questioning and Searches of Students

JIH-R:  Questioning and Searches of Students Administrative Procedures

JJ:  Student Activities

JJE:  School Fundraising Activities

JJIAA:  Private School Students-Access to Extracurricular Activities

JJID:  Student Physicals for School Athletics

JJIF:  Management of Concussions/Head Injuries

JJIF-E:  Parent/Athletic Concussion Info Sheet

JK:  Student Discipline

JKAA:  Use of Physical Restraint & Seclusion

JKAA-R:  Procedures on Physical Restraint & Seclusion

JKB:  Detention of Students after School

JKD:  Suspension of Students

JKDA:  In-School Suspension

JKE:  Expulsion of Students

JKE-R:  Expulsion Guidelines

JKF:  Disciplinary Removal of Students w/Disabilities

JKF-R:  Disciplinary Removal of Students w/Disabilities Administrative Procedures

JL:  Student Wellness

JL-E1:  Sign up sheet for Healthy Celebrations

JLCB:  Immunization of Students

JLCC: Communicable Infectious Diseases

JLCC:  Notifiable Conditions

JLCCA: Students Infected with HIV

JLCD: Administration of Medication to Students

JLCD-R: Administration of Medications to Students Procedures

JLCD-E:  Medication Administration of School Field Trips

JLCDA:  Student Use of Medical Marijuana in Schools

JLCDA-E:  Medical Marijuana Form

JLDGB: Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities

JLF:  Child Abuse Reporting, Prevention and Education

JLF-R:  Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Administrative Procedure

JLF-E:  Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Form

JLFA:  Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response

JRA:  Student Education Records and Information

JRA-R:  Student Education Records and Information Administrative Procedure

JRA-E:  Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights

Section L: No policies at this time