You Need To Report

When Positive for COVID (Students)

When Symptomatic, Exposed, or Positive for Covid (Staff)

Effective Monday May 2, 2022, we will be moving to an updated covid and illness protocol as we progress back to normalcy for our students.

● If your student is displaying signs or symptoms of illness causing them to not feel well (fever 100.4 or higher, moderate to severe cough/congestion, sore throat, severe headache, vomiting and diarrhea), your student should stay home.

○ You will need to call your child’s school daily to account for absences.

○ Students may return to school once fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication;

○ Students may return to school after 48 hours free of vomiting.

○ Students may return to school once he or she feels well and has minimal-to-no symptoms.

● If students feel well enough to return with minimal symptoms (i.e. mild congestion, occasional dry cough, minimal clear nasal drainage), please have them mask while indoors and on the bus.

● If your student tests positive for Covid-19, please fill out the new Covid Positive Reporting Form on the district website. This form will only be used for data collection, not to provide guidance.

○ Students living with a positive household member will no longer be required to quarantine. If they test positive, please contact the child’s PCP and fill out the Covid Positive Reporting Form on the district website.

● Covid-19 isolation and quarantine guidelines should now be obtained from your child’s primary care physician.

If you have questions regarding the new protocol, please contact Ashley Stacy or Nancy Boucher to clarify.

Have you or your student:

  1. Within the past 24 hours had a fever (100.4 and above) or used any fever-reducing medicine?

  2. Feel sick, had vomiting/diarrhea, fever (100.4 and above), sore throat, or felt unwell?

  3. Been told to stay home and isolate/quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure?

These forms must be used by any staff member or student who answers "YES" to the self-screening questions above.

Please click on the appropriate form, located to the right, to proceed.


For staff members, please call your direct supervisor once you have completed the form.

From the Superintendent of Schools Office:


On March 9th, the MSAD 72 Board of Directors met and voted unanimously to the following changes to our Covid-19 safety procedures:

  1. Move to non-mandatory masking in indoor spaces;

  2. Follow the federal regulations regarding masking on busses;

  3. Continue to monitor absences, positive cases, and respond accordingly to change procedures if the situation warrants it; and

  4. Suspend contact tracing.

We encourage all families to make determinations on masking based upon what you feel is best for your child(ren). We also ask that you encourage your children to understand that different families and students will make different decisions, based upon what they think is best for their own unique situation. Whether a student is masked or unmasked, this should not be a reason to treat anyone differently.

It is our hope that this is a first step in what is a continuous return to pre-pandemic education. As the county continues to move toward "green" status, and as our COVID numbers continue to stay low, we will steadily remove mitigation strategies so that students can have the best academic and social experiences possible.

Lastly, while we hope that numbers of positive cases continue to drop, should there be another variant, or should cases among students/staff increase dramatically, we would only be considering reintroducing universal masking on a very limited basis and only if numbers were similar to what we saw in January of this year.

From the Nursing Clinic:

Important Information Regarding Optional Masking

In moving forward with optional masking of staff and students, we would like to remind you of the district’s anticipated response to illness. Please keep your child home if he/she exhibits any of the following symptoms:

  • fever or chills (100.4 or higher)

  • cough

  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • fatigue

  • muscle or body aches

  • headache

  • new loss of taste or smell

  • sore throat

  • congestion or runny nose

  • nausea or vomiting

  • diarrhea

If your child develops any of the above-mentioned symptoms during the school day, your child will be asked to mask and will need to be picked up. It will be the expectation that your child is kept home until cleared to return by the nurse. If your child tests positive for Covid-19, he or she will be required to isolate at home for 5 days, then may return to school wearing a well-fitting mask for days 6-10 (both on the bus and indoors). Once the additional 5-day period is complete, your child may return to optional masking while on the bus and indoors. If you have any questions regarding mandatory masking for positive cases, please feel free to reach out to either Nancy or Ashley in the Health Office.

Staff: If you notice any students that appear unwell or symptomatic, please call the health office as soon as possible to limit potential exposure. If there is a positive case with potential school exposure, we will continue to send out a generalized InTouch email to notify parents. Questions for the school can be directed to Nancy Boucher or Ashley Stacy by calling (207)935-2600 x1248.

County-specific CDC guidelines are updated weekly, and can be found at -