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MSAD 72 Regulations for Pupils on Buses
Also see Policy File Code JIC: Student Conduct

1.)  All pupils must be on time.

2.)  Pupils shall obey the driver at all times.

3.)  Pupils shall not extend arms, legs or head out of the bus.

4.)  Pupils may be assigned to a specific seat.

5.)  Pupils shall not talk to the driver while he is driving, except in an emergency.

6.)  Pupils shall not tamper with the emergency door or any other part of the bus.

7.)  Pupils shall not mar or deface the bus.

8.)  Pupils shall not open the windows without permission of the driver.

9.)  Pupils shall not fight or create a disturbance on the bus.

10.) Pupils shall not shout or throw objects.

11.) Pupils shall remain seated until the bus stops.

12.) Pupils shall not place objects in the bus aisle.

13.) Pupils, after leaving the bus, (if they must cross the highway) shall go to the front of the bus and wait until the bus driver directs them to cross the highway.

14.) Pupils will be let off in the morning only at the school or at regular transfer points.

15.) Pupils will be let off the bus upon returning home only at designated bus stops, unless a note from parents to the teacher and the bus driver designating an alternate bus stop is presented.      

16.) The use of tobacco or any chemical substance is prohibited.

17.) Inappropriate language is prohibited.

18.)  No food or drinks may be consumed in a bus without the permission of the bus driver by the pupil.

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