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Laptop Take Home Presentation

Please log out of ALL gmail accounts FIRST and then have your student log in to their MSAD 72 Google account on your computer and follow the 3 steps below.  When each step has been completed you will be all set.  We recommend the Google Chrome web browser if you are having problems seeing this.


Watch this video with your student

It is available in HD or other smaller resolutions (for slow Internet connections) by playing the video and then clicking on the settings gear at the bottom right corner of the video.  

Closed Captioning is enabled if you have need for this.


Answer these questions

Answering these questions lets us know you took the time to watch the video.

If you only see an empty white box to the right of this, your student has not correctly logged in to their MSAD 72 Google account for you to access this form.  Go to first, log in on this computer, and then come back here to fill out the form.

This allows us to track which student has performed this task.  If you have multiple students I humbly ask that each student logs in and answers the form with you separately.

Please scroll the window to answer all questions and press the "Submit" button when done.

Print this form and sign it

If your student does not already have this sheet and you have a printer at home, click the word "Print" above and then press the print icon in the upper left corner of the Google Doc screen

Students can be given printed copies easily upon request.

Students should bring completed forms into the Tech Office.

If you are tech savvy enough to email us your signed copy, more power to you!

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