Welcome to Food Services (for lunch menus, please check your school's website)

Lunch Personnel

Director - Mary Emerson - 935-9542
Typically in district Tues & Thurs
email:  mary.emerson@msad72.org

Christine Gillespie, Manager

Kathy Lord, Manager
Sue Parmenter, Ala Carte
Wanda Eastman, Assistant Cook
Jane Joubert, Assistant Cook
Janet Lathrop, Assistant Cook

Carol Davis, Manager

We encourage families to prepay lunch accounts so the lines move quicker. Checks may be sent in made payable to MSAD 72 School Nutrition. Cash may be sent in sealed envelopes with the child's full name written on the envelope.  Online payments for lunch accounts are available.  MySchoolBucks is an online payment service that provides parents the ability to securely pay for meals, monitor student purchases and receive email notification for low account balances.


Please note that there is a $1.95 transaction charge ($2.49 effective Dec 11, 2017) for paying online. To help offset that charge, if your transaction pyts $75 or more into your student's account on the positive side, you will receive a bonus lunch meal with a value of $2.75.  For example, if your student account owes $5 and you pay $75, you will not receive the bonus meal, but if you pay $80, you will.  The My School Bucks Parent Support Line is 1-888-832-5226.  If you have any questions please contact Mary Emerson at (207)935-9542 or via email at mary.emerson@msad72.org.
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