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Public Comment on MSAD #72's Elementary and Secondary Schools Act Federal Grant (ESSA) Application

posted Jul 17, 2020, 6:19 PM by Eric Wood   [ updated Sep 25, 2020, 12:17 PM ]

Elementary and Secondary Schools Act Federal Grant (ESSA) 

    Each year, MSAD #72 completes an application to access federal grant money through the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act. The grant supports district goals established through a comprehensive needs assessment that is done every five years. As part of the grant process, a planning committee that includes administrators, teachers, parents and community members reviews the district goals set by the comprehensive needs assessment and determines how funding will be allocated to support these goals.

    For 2020-21, the committee determined the following uses of funds. For each title, first the allocation for MSAD #72 is listed and a description of how the title money can be used. This is followed by MSAD #72’s plans and goals to be achieved. (Note: Fryeburg Academy receives a proportional amount of the funds based on the enrollment of MSAD #72 students at the Academy which is why an amount for FA is subtracted from Title II and Title IV funds.)

Title IA- (allocation $238,629.61)     Goal:  Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

MSAD #72’s plan for Title IA will pay salaries and benefits to support supplemental services in reading and math. This includes a full time literacy specialist at Molly Ockett, a .4 literacy specialist at New Suncook, 2 ed. techs at Molly Ockett and 1 at New Suncook.

Goal: Molly Ockett  70% of students meeting district competencies in reading and 60% of students will meet math core competencies. 

Goal: New Suncook 80% of students will meet literacy core competencies. 60% of students will meet math core competencies.

    Note: Brownfield-Denmark’s supplemental support services are supported through local funds so their goals will not appear in this grant application. 

Title IIA (allocation $80,221.91 - Fryeburg Academy allocation of $26,221= $53,748    Goal: Increasing the academic achievement of all students by helping schools and districts improve teacher and principal quality. 

MSAD #72’s plan for Title IIA : 

  1. Coaching in behavior management from the behavior specialist on CARES team

Goal: 60% of targeted students meet goals set through RTI process 

  1. Mindfulness work with teachers and students from outside consultant (yr. 3)

Goal: Survey of participants indicate 80% of teachers have a mindfulness practice and student survey of participating students report using mindfulness on a regular basis to help them focus and regulate behavior. 

  1. Literacy professional development at the Middle School Level by an outside consultant to support workshop model.
            Goal: Full implementation of the workshop model in grade 5 and ELA content is integrated in the content areas at grade 7. 

Title IV : ($23,879 - FA percentage of $7,880= $15,999)    Provide opportunities for academic enrichment, including providing tutorial services to help students, particularly students who attend low-performing schools, to meet challenging State academic standards.

Title V: (allocation $13,523)    Address the unique needs of rural school districts

MSAD #72’s plan for Title IV and V is to pay part of the salary for a behavioral specialist district wide as a member of the CAREs team who will work with school teams as intervention plans are developed to support students with self-regulation and other behavior issues.

        Goal: 60% of targeted students meet goals set through RTI process

If you have questions or feedback about MSAD #72’s ESSA Federal Grant Application, please email Rhonda Poliquin at by July 27th.  

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