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Below please find information regarding the FY21 Draft of the District School Budget. 
If you have any questions regarding the budget, please email them to and we will post answers to those questions on the district site or answer them at our virtual board meeting. 

Yearbook ordering info

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Lifetouch Yearbooks - YbPay

There's still time to purchase a MOS yearbook! Easy online ordering:, then enter code 11433020

If you submitted a remote learning picture for the photo contest, we will be drawing the winner of a FREE yearbook next week! 

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Questions? email

MSAD #72 response to Commissioner of Education recommendation

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Dear Parents:

Last night we received word from the Commissioner of Education that she is recommending, with the support of the Governor, that districts "plan to replace classroom/group instruction with remote/distance learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year." I am sending this message out to affirm that we will be abiding by the Commissioner's recommendation and will continue with distance learning until the conclusion of the school year. I have spoken with our administrative team, and teachers are currently planning to have conversations with students about this news. While I wanted parents to have this information in a timely manner, I also want students to have an opportunity to hear the news from staff members with whom they have a supportive working relationship. These conversations will be happening throughout the next few school days. 

Our last student day is currently scheduled to be June 11th, and that will be the day we will use to end the current school year. Due to the fact that many families are using District laptops and that many students have textbooks and other materials, we will be developing a plan to collect all school-owned materials at the conclusion of the year. Once those plans are in place, we will communicate them to families. 

Finally, and most importantly, we appreciate your continuing support and patience as we do our best to meet students' needs in such an unanticipated and challenging situation. I am very proud of the professional manner in which all of our staff members have risen to the occasion and equally impressed with their willingness to learn as we go and continue improving our approach to distance learning. In conclusion, thank you in advance for your continued patience and support and stay well. 


Jay Robinson

MSAD #72 Remote Learning letter to Parents

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April 3, 2020

Dear Parents:

The administrative team wanted to take a moment and send a message to parents about remote learning. Before getting into specifics, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your understanding in this incredibly challenging situation. Just as we have stressed to teachers, it is critical that all of us take care of ourselves, because without that self-care it becomes impossible to support the other people in our lives. We hope that you are well, are taking steps to stay mentally and physically healthy, and most importantly are maintaining a healthy attitude about your child’s remote learning. 

Below are some very important ideas that we want parents to understand about remote learning:

  • Remote Learning is not intended to replicate what happens at school. During traditional learning, the teacher is present and learning takes place in a very structured environment. Schools also have many additional layers of support to help students learn. No matter how well intentioned parents are, it would not be fair to expect that parents will suddenly become teachers without the appropriate background and training. 

  • It is also true that school may not be the top priority for all families who are dealing with many other, equally important aspects of life. These issues include loss of income, job uncertainty, food scarcity, financial struggles, family illness, concern for family members, etc. While education is critical to a child’s long-term success, we also recognize that there are many other things to prioritize in these trying times. 

  • Different families have different abilities to support learning. Some families, with parents who are deemed “essential workers” and who are not able to be present during remote learning, have no ability to support their children during a “remote school day.” Other families who are sheltering at home may have the time and ability to support their children throughout each remote learning day. There are also different levels of access to technology, with some families having high-speed internet and other families without internet. This affects access to materials and the level of support teachers can provide. For these reasons it isn’t possible to have a “one-size fits all” approach to what students are doing at home. If you feel that adjustments are needed given your child’s experiences, please contact your child’s classroom teacher during “office hours” if possible or email your questions or ideas. 

  • It’s not about the grades, it’s about the learning. We have stressed to teachers that they are in the best position to determine appropriately challenging activities and learning experiences for students during the closure. We also feel that students deserve timely, specific feedback about the work they are doing. However, that doesn’t mean a numerical or letter grade. Our goal is to help students understand when they have developed a skill (multiplying two-digit numbers, using good supporting details in writing, etc.) or when they understand a concept (the water cycle, the causes of World War II, etc.). Teachers have been asked to find ways of giving students that important feedback and to do it in ways that are constructive and specific to the learning. 

  • With respect to “late” or “missing” work, please refer back to the second bullet above. The last thing we want to do is place unnecessary pressure on students and families by stressing late or missing work. We are encouraging teachers to check in with students to see if they can support students or offer ways of completing assignments, but we do not feel it is appropriate to overemphasize missing work. The best way those who are able to can support students is by: 1) making sure you understand what has been assigned; and 2) asking your children to show you the work and explain how they completed it. We don’t expect you to teach, but it would be wonderful if you show an interest in the work and encourage your child to explain how he or she has produced quality work.  

  • On our website ( we have developed a link to “MSAD #72 Distance Learning Resources” where you can find each teacher’s “Google Classroom” link. For those people with access to technology, you can find materials, assignments, and much more depending upon how each teacher is using the tool. 

  • For parents who would like support (for those helping students with work), we have developed a form that you can use to request help. A staff member will respond as quickly as possible to those requests. 

In conclusion, we wanted to share some key points so that you have a better understanding of how we went about guiding teachers as they developed a remote-learning plan. We are checking in with families to see how things are going, but you are always encouraged to reach out to teachers, administrators, or other staff members if you have questions that we can answer. There is a link for general questions on the district web page. We are committed to learning and changing as we go to best serve your children, and we appreciate your patience through this journey. 



                            Jay Robinson

Community Concepts Accepting Pre-K Applications

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G:\Childrens Services\ERSEA Committee\ChildrensservicesrlogoNEWelectronic.jpg

Accepting applications for the fall!!

MSAD 72 has proposed adding two more Pre-K classrooms to their existing public Pre-K collaboration with Fryeburg Early Learning Center!  This would mean an additional classroom at Molly Ockett School and a classroom at New Suncook School. We are very excited for this potential opportunity!   😊 

207-739-6536 or 1-800-866-5588

Or call Fryeburg Early Learning Center directly 

@ 935-3911 option 1

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Community Update Letter 3-20-2020

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Maine School Administrative District No. 72



(Phone) 935-2600 (Fax) 935-3787

Jay Robinson                                                                                                                                             Brownfield, Denmark, Fryeburg

Superintendent of Schools                                                                                                                          Lovell, Stoneham, Stow, Sweden

        March 20, 2020

To the MSAD 72 School Community:

As of today, we will be moving to an indefinite period of distance learning. This decision is in response to the increasing positive tests for COVID-19 across the state and is a reasonable response given the Governor’s recent declaration of a “civil state of emergency.” It is incredibly important that all citizens of our state practice “social distancing” and minimize unnecessary contact with others.

I am extremely proud of the incredible work that went into preparations for distance learning, and based upon individual responses from families, things have gotten off to a promising start. Like any new endeavor, I am sure there will be obstacles to overcome, but I know I can count on our team of educators to address them and to learn and improve as we go. 

We will continue to offer breakfast and lunch to families through our school nutrition program, and if you are not currently on our list and wish to receive food, please visit our District website ( and use the link there. We will monitor the volume of requests, and at some point if we have to shift to curbside pickup at designated spots with limited door-to-door deliveries, we may have to do that as numbers increase. 

In conclusion, please take care of yourselves. The best way to guarantee your safety and the safety of your families is: wash your hands, wipe down surfaces, practice social distancing, try not to touch your face, cover your mouth with your arm if you cough/sneeze, and stay at home if you are sick. Finally, please contact the school if you or one of your children tests positive for COVID-19 so we can closely monitor the situation. Best wishes and continued safety to everyone.


Jay Robinson                                                                                    

Superintendent of Schools                                                                

MSAD 72                                                                                        

Frequently Asked Questions - Students, Families, & Community

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Frequently Asked Questions - Students, Families, & Community

Community Letter

posted Mar 17, 2020, 2:09 PM by Eric Wood

Family Food Survey for MSAD #72

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As a District, we are committed to finding a method of providing families with nutritional needs access to food during this closure. We would appreciate it if ALL families could fill out this survey so that we can plan to meet the needs of families in our larger school community.

Family Food Survey Link

If the above link is not clickable, try copying and pasting the link below into the address bar of your web browser.

Updated Emergency Planning Notes: 3/15/20

posted Mar 15, 2020, 1:05 PM by Eric Wood   [ updated Mar 16, 2020, 11:20 AM ]

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Updated Emergency Planning Notes: 3/15/20


In this situation, it is imperative that we consistently communicate with families. Once the distance learning plans are in place and approved (hopefully by day’s end tomorrow), our plan is to reach out to families individually to ask the following: 1) Have you received, and do you understand the remote learning plan? 2) Do you have any questions for us or any needs that we can support you with? 3) Do you have any family members who are experiencing illness? The reason that we are asking the third question is because any determination to reopen schools must be made on the basis of an understanding of how COVID-19 is impacting our community. 

Family Support:

For delivery of food to families, we are going to utilize existing bus runs. For the first week on either Tuesday or Wednesday we will provide packets of food to any family who wishes to take advantage of the offer. The reason for the uncertainty on the start date is due to the challenges of getting things up and running with limited time and supplies. We will use “In Touch” to communicate the date that the delivery will take place as well as any additional runs that happen. The buses will travel their afternoon runs, and an additional employee on the bus will distribute the food and document to whom the food was provided. Our plan is to make two deliveries week one (Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday) and three deliveries week two (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). We can also use this method to provide families with educational materials on a limited basis. Since this closure is for a minimum of two weeks, we will reassess our ability to open at the end of week two and make a determination at that point. 

Continuity Plans/Distance-Learning Plans:

The common theme is to “do the best you can with integrity.” Our goal is to provide students with legitimate educational opportunities at home during the closure. However, that is going to look different for each student. Administrators have a schedule for tomorrow that will limit the number of people gathering in any one area, and they will provide guidance on creating/finishing plans. New Suncook and Brownfield-Denmark staff will meet at their respective schools. Molly Ockett staff and Special-Education staff will meet in different areas of MOS. 

While it is ideal if “new learning” can occur at home, this is the ideal and not the expectation for all staff. For example, if we have teachers utilizing technology to teach “face-to-face” with students, then that approach is going to afford students opportunities to receive instruction that just isn’t possible when students are working independently at home. There are no expectations on minutes of instruction or minutes that students need to work each day given the complexity of the approach we will be using. Once you have completed your planning (team or individual) please notify your direct supervisor. We will all do our best under the circumstances.

Access to Schools:

After tomorrow, staff members must contact the principals at both New Suncook and Denmark to access the building. At Molly Ockett, special-education staff should consult with Pat and regular-education staff should consult with Mark. We want to maintain knowledge of who is using the building to monitor numbers who will be present at any given time and to assure that classroom spaces are being cleaned daily. Ike will be communicating with his staff to establish expectations about schedules and duties. 

Because students went home last Thursday unprepared for this closure, we are going to use In Touch to let parents know they should bring students in at the following times to gather any materials that they will need for remote learning:

Students with last names A-F: 12:00 to 1:00

Students with last names G-P: 1:00 to 2:00

Students with last names Q-S: 2:00 to 3:00

Students with last names T-Z: 3:00 to 4:00

This will be a time when teachers might be available to provide any words of wisdom regarding the remote learning plans and perhaps to even clarify when they might be available through “office hours” or designated times when parents/students can ask questions about the remote learning plans. It would be wonderful if plans could include the ability to give students feedback on the work. The technology department will also communicate with families about how parents and students can receive technology support, and Jim will be working with his staff to determine work hours/work location.

Hourly Employee Options:

During this situation, any employee may use available vacation time and sick leave. That means that an employee having either of those options can apply as many days as they would like during the (at least) fourteen day closure. For employees who wish to continue to work during the closure, we will be asking you to contact your direct supervisor so that we can add your name to a working list of hourly employees wanting to continue working. Once we have that list, the administrative team will re-convene and determine available options. 

From our initial discussions, food service staff will have opportunities (if willing) to continue to work as we will be providing food for families. The custodial staff will also have work to do (if willing) under Ike’s direction. Some out-of-district drivers will also be continuing to transport students, which means that some bus aides will also have work to do. We are willing to be flexible to find meaningful work that can be done to support what needs to be done in the next two weeks. 

Administrative Roles:

To best identify “go-to” resources, we have divided up responsibilities in the following manner:

The initial remote learning plans K-4 will be developed under the guidance of your building administrators, but after that it would be helpful if questions are directed toward the identified individuals so that we have consistent communication and messaging. 


  • The remote instruction plan is being brought to the Board for approval tomorrow evening. 

  • The future of MEA testing (testing window, etc.) had not been determined as of 11:00 AM.

  • Kindergarten Screening will have to be postponed and rescheduled. 

In conclusion, I am very appreciative of the willingness of the administrative team to put plans in place to accommodate our staff and students under very challenging circumstances. I have also been very appreciative of the staff members and community members who have been understanding and patient as we have worked through this situation. Lastly, thank you to all the staff members and community members who have pledged a willingness to support the District students in this time of need. Your support is deeply appreciated. 


Jay Robinson

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